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Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have any questions for us, feel free to ask us by filling the form on the contact us page.

Find Authority is entirely free to use service.
Find Authority aim is to help professionals develop their personal brands. 

It helps experts to build their authority by sharing knowledge and get connected with potential clients. It can help businesses to generate leads.
(1) Knowledge sharing through Q&A
(2) Polls (survey)
(3) Post media requests
(4) Post project inquires
(5) Generate leads
(6) Freelancing/outsourcing
It is simple. Just click on the "Ask A Question" button at the top-right of the page. Once you posted the question, members would try to answer, and you will be notified about the new answers.

Please remember, to ask a question, you need to be logged in. It is simple, easy and free to sign Up.
First, you need to be logged in to answer a question.

Once logged in, find the Answer button. When you press the "Answer" button, you will find a small text box at the end of the page. Once you are finished with the answer, then click on the submit button. You can also upload an image to support your answer.

Please avoid questions which require additional editorial work or which are not suitable for this site. Such questions can be put on hold, edited or removed.
The procedure for conducting a poll is the same as of posting a question.

However, while completing the "ASK A Question" form, check the box stating “FOR POLL ONLY: If you want to use this question as a poll, then please CHECK the BOX.”

Once checked the box, you will be given the option to add multiple answer Choices.
The aim of this section is to exchange services on a win-win basis. A publisher (of news, blogs, articles, reports, journals etc.) can publicise the media request for firsthand knowledge or expert opinion. The intelligence can then be used in the publication. On the other hand, the expert can gain publicity when he/she is cited in the publication.

Publishing companies and researchers are encouraged to use this option to search for firsthand knowledge/experience.

To be an authority, it is quite crucial to have the name/brand out there in the news or in the relevant trade journals.
This is an ideal service for companies where they occasionally need experts to help them in their projects. Most crowdsourcing marketplace, freelancing sites and learning membership platforms cost money and time. Some membership sites cost fortunes to get access to freelancers and in returns, consultants are paid very little.

We want to bring transparency to the expert network industry. We provide the opportunity to both experts and clients to directly contact each other without a middle party. Both can verify each other and do the vetting process for the project.

Therefore, it is quite important for both parties to build trust and authenticity.
Yes, you can.

Go to the member profile. Find the Message button at the top right-hand side. Click on the button and a message text box will be opened. There you can write the details of your inquiry. Once finished, press the send button.
The levels are assigned based on points earned through doing various activities. There are six levels starting.

Level 1= 50 points
Level 2= 150 points
Level 3= 300 points
Level 4= 500 points
Level 5= 900 points
Level 6= 1500 points

More details of how points can be earned can be found in the Badges page.

1. Keep you up to date with current trends in your field.
2. Ask questions and get valuable insights.
3. Contribute to knowledge by answering to other members questions.
4. Achieve a high level (we have 1-6 levels) and get more authenticity. You can use the level on your CV or showcase it on other platforms.
5. Your membership can be a proof to your potential employers about your genuine interest in the industry.
6. Find your potential employer.
7. Establish your authority by making conversation with experts.
8. Try to answer media requests and develop your brand.
9. Earn money by helping others with their research inquiries.
10. Enter competitions and win prizes.
1. Promote Yourself: Engage in discussions.
2. Show your Strengths: Share your knowledge by answering questions.
3. Open new lines of communication: Asking questions or replying answers is a new and safe way to start the initial conversation. Cold calling and unsolicited emails are obsolete.
4. Get Paid: Apply to potential project inquiries.
5. Generate Leads: Followup to offer additional support.
6. Networking: Get connected with experts in your industry. LinkedIn is now highly saturated.
7. Out from Comfort Zone: Everyone is an expert on something. Be open to learning new skills.
8. Monitor & Engage: See what people are talking about in your industry and act accordingly.
9. Get Mentions in Other Publications: Use media requests to get your name out there.
10. Insights: Gather invaluable intelligence by using the platform.
1. Position & promote your brand through interactions.
2. Drive traffic to your site.
3. Open new lines of communication with your potential clients.
4. Get experts opinions.
5. Learn through Q&A and conducting polls.
6. Host Q&A sessions.
7. Generate leads.
8. Post your project inquiry to hire consultants and save money.
9. Find potential employees or consultants.
10. Earn mentions in other publications.
Find Authority is more than a networking site. It combines networking, Q&A, experts crowdsourcing and media promotion platforms in one place. Moreover, all our services are free to use
Find Authority is a professional Q&A website and encourages ONLY market/industries related Q&A. It also provides a platform to ask questions in the form of polls. Networking, experts crowdsourcing and media promotion are some of its other aspects.
Find Authority does not charge any fee for posting projects inquiries or hiring consultants/freelancers. We aim to help connect experts and clients. We make the process transparent and encourage members to build trust with each other before the project’s commissioning.
It depends on the contents. Our editors/moderators mostly make the following edits:

- Grammar/spelling if necessary.
- Can add an image to the question such as a company logo or any other feature which can better explain the question.
- Any additions we make would not infringe any copyright in the work.
- We can also add internal hyperlinks to other relevant question/answers for best user experience
- etc